Women's Intimate Wellness

CO2RE® Intima – Women’s Intimate Wellness

THE CO2RE is a state of the art CO2 laser treatment that treats vaginal atrophy, dryness, itching, and pain in peri- or post-menopausal women, improves vaginal tone and restores vaginal shape and size. It also can improve urinary incontinence and relieves the signs of childbirth and aging. Do you feel you would be a good candidate for the CO2RE vaginal treatment? Dr. Joyce Farah will assess your candidacy upon your initial complimentary consultation.

Who is the CO2RE Intima for?

Loss of vaginal tone can be a side effect of natural childbirth and aging due to the stretching of collagen fibers. Unpleasant side effects such as leaking urine, sneezing, or coughing, painful intercourse, itching, burning in the genital area, and unwanted pigmentary changes may occur.

How does CO2RE Intima work?

With CO2RE Intima, women are regaining their intimate wellness in a painless, non-surgical, proven laser treatment that delivers gentle laser energy to the vaginal wall, stimulating a healing response and enhancing moisture levels in the vaginal canal, and restoring tone and shape of the vaginal canal.

What do the numbers say after CO2RE Intima treatments?

81% of women reported an improvement in sexual gratification
94% of women reported an improvement in vaginal rejuvenation
100% reported satisfaction with treatment and would recommend it.

How long is a treatment and many treatments are needed?

Each treatment lasts 15 minutes, and Dr. Joyce Farah may recommend up to three treatments, with a once-a-year treatment to maintain symptom relief.

How soon can you expect results?

Many patients experience relief right away after the first treatment.

CO2RE® Intima – Women’s Intimate Wellness