From Our Patients

Dear Dr. Ramsay,
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the recent cosmetic work you have done for me.
I struggle with the whole issue of vanity and the money I spend in its pursuit. I maintain a youthful body because of my sport and watching my face lose that battle is tough! And so, we try to reverse the clock! Thanks to your skill that’s possible!
You are a caring, compassionate physician and a kind, erudite man.
Thanks again!

Dear Dr. Farah,
Thank you for helping us with my daughter’s psoriasis. The cream is a huge help, especially on her face. We are sharing many stories about the kind and compassionate people in your office.
Happy Easter!

Dear Drs. Ramsay and Joyce Farah, and all the staff,
You ALL were so competent, kind, caring, and compassionate on the day of my surgery. Thank you SO much!
Sincerely yours,

Dear Dr. Fuad and Mrs. Mona Farah,
It was nice to see you at an Armory Square parking meter last week. Afterwards, I wished that I had told you the following…over the past two years, the way that you and your children have treated me has been wonderful. You are a lovely family! I feel lucky to be a patient at Farah Dermatology.

Dear Doctors Fuad, Ramsay, and Joyce,
I have been a patient at Farah Dermatology for many years. Beginning with Dr. Fuad to Dr. Ramsay and Dr. Joyce. Each of these fine doctors have been extremely compassionate and professional. On a few occasions I have been diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma. Each time a procedure was done to remove the cancer and it was always completed in an extremely competent manner. There was little to no concern on my part that it was complete in the most professional way and left me with very little concerns. I would highly recommend the Farah Dermatology practice to anyone in need of such service.

Dear Dr. Joyce Farah,
I want to take a moment to thank you for your special and generous attention to the healing of the scar on my forehead. I am very thankful for the healing that is resulting form the laser treatments you have been providing. Your gracious generosity is very much appreciated!
With sincerity and God’s blessing,

Dear Drs. Fuad, Ramsay, and Joyce Farah,
It is unusual to remember visits to a physician’s office and have warm memories. In the case of the distinguished Farah family, I have the warmest recollections of personal care…and caring, that spans over two decades. I cannot fully express my appreciation for your professionalism, expertise, and human touch.
With continued affection and esteem,

From Medical Students and Residents

Dear. Drs. Farah,
Thank you very much for helping me with my career fair project! It was a pleasure and an inspiration meeting you! I greatly appreciate the time you took to speak with me. I got a 100%! I look forward to joining your practice!
Best Regards, Oliver D.,
Fifth Grade Student


Dear Drs. Ramsay and Joyce Farah,
Thank you so much for your mentorship and support to my dermatology residency application. My rotation experience with you is the most pleasant and educational dermatology learning experience I have had! I will never forget your kindness, patience, consideration and encouragement.
Wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Gratefully, D.


Dear Dr. Ramsay, Dr. Joyce, Dr. Fuad, Mrs. Farah, Dr. Michelle and all of your amazing staff:
Thank you so much for having me in your office these past couple months! The amount of teaching and training I have graciously receiving is invaluable. Words cannot express my true appreciation. You are the best teachers and mentors, and I hope to follow your examples as I pursue my future dermatology residency career! The medical school is blessed to have you as our teachers, and I will take these experiences with me as I continue the journey.
Thanks so much again! And I look forward to staying in touch!
With all sincerity and gratitude,

From Fellow Colleagues

Dear Ramsay,
Sorry this note is so belated, but I wanted to let you know what a fantastic job you did at the annual dinner! Your performance was impeccable – you were wonderfully articulate, efficient, and deftly handled what had to be the most demanding program ever at the Onondaga County Medical Society’s annual dinner. What’s most amazing is that you did it all with a sick child in the hospital!
Thanks so much for all our hard work as our president! Best wishes for a healthy and happy new year to you and your family!


Dear Ramsay and Joyce, Thank you for making the drive last night. It was great to see you. Thank you for your gift and most of all, thank you for being a mentor to my son, Matt.
Both of you have had a big impact on the trajectory of his career, and I can’t thank you enough!
Best wishes to you and your families this holiday season and for a joyous New Year!
Tom and Aries