Pigmented-Lesion Removal

Solar lentigo is the medical term for a brown spot . Brown spots (solar lentigines) are caused when the melanin-producing cell (melanocyte), is damaged by UV radiation, causing it to produce more pigment. It is the skin’s way of defending itself from UV damage. Unfortunately, this may result in mottled, discolored skin with uneven tones and textures. While certain products, peels and other selected procedures can lighten these brown spots, the most effective method of treatment remains laser therapy. The recent use of short-pulsed, pigment-specific lasers to selectively destroy the pigment within the solar lentigo has led to significant clinical improvement, a low risk of side effects, and a high degree of patient satisfaction. The frequency-doubled, Q-switched Nd:YAG laser is among one of several lasers that can be used.

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