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Get 4 MLD Express treatments for the price of 3!

Do you experience dark circles, puffiness around the eyes, fine lines, dull or impure skin? Our MLD Express treatments can help! A face & neck cleanse, followed by botanical and organic oils, and a lymphatic massage proves to be the winning combination for younger and brighter looking skin! Right now, we are offering 4 MLD Express treatments for the price of 3, making 4 treatments only $150!

What is your lymphatic system and how is it important?

Unlike your cardiovascular system, the lymphatic system has no pump to keep the lymph moving and prevent buildup. Instead, it depends on mechanical experience like exercise, inversions, breathing techniques and specialized massage to keep it flowing. Since the lymphatic system serves as a central part of the immune system, proponents of lymphatic drainage suggest that this technique can help treat a variety of health concerns. Lymphatic drainage is sometimes used for people dealing with such issues as arthritis, orthopedic injuries, knee or hip surgery, systemic sclerosis, chronic venous insufficiency, and swelling and fatigue associated with menopause. Stagnation or blockages in the nodes mess with the filtration process, which increases the amount of toxins in the blood and lymph system. An excess of these fluids can cause acne, increased sebum levels, and blockages in the pores.

What is the MLD technique and how does it work?

As far as the skin is concerned, the MLD technique is for anyone who is experiencing dark circles and puffiness around the eyes, more fine lines, duller skin, or impure skin.

Since a large number of lymph nodes are located under your chin, near your clavicle, and behind your ears, a facial that’s specialized in lymphatic drainage can help revitalize your skin (and immune health) on a deeper level than topical treatments can reach. Morpho-lymphatic drainage is a technique designed to stimulate the flow of lymph (a fluid that transports white blood cells, oxygen, and nutrients to tissues throughout the body). Also referred to as "manual lymph drainage" or "lymphatic massage", lymphatic drainage typically involves gentle, circular movements.

Who should and should not do MLD?

Adults over the age of 18 may have an MLD treatment but this should be avoided by individuals experiencing any of the following:

  • Congestive heart failure
  • Inflammation or infection of the lymphatic vessels
  • An active lymphatic infection
  • Swelling with no known cause
  • Increased risk of blood clotting
  • Skin infection
  • Post-surgery lymphedema marked by localized swelling
  • a high risk of blood clots

What is offered at Farah Dermatology and Cosmetics?

Our aesthetic staff are certified in the MLD technique and have undergone extensive training. We offer customized lymphatic treatments as follows:

THE MLD EXPRESS: This treatment consists of cleansing the face and neck and then applying either botanical or organic oils depending on the skin type followed by the lymphatic massage. $50

THE MLD GOLD: This customized treatment consists of cleansing and toning the face and neck, then applying either botanical or organic oils depending on the skin type followed by the lymphatic massage. A mask will be applied and a cream to benefit the skin type of the patient. $75

MLD ADD-ON: MLD EXPRESS may be added on to other facials such as Hydrafacial or Microneedling. $35