Neck and Chest Wrinkles and Blemishes


There is so much focus on what treatments and products you should use for your face, but are you also taking good care of your neck and chest? The skin on the neck and chest is actually thinner than your face, so sun damage may be more apparent and harder to repair, and can easily give away your age. We offer several treatments and product lines that target these areas.


Fraxel Laser treatments on the face can also be done on the neck and chest to build collagen, thicken the skin and get rid of the fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes that come with age.

Just as with your face, microneedling, especially with Platelet-Rich Plasma does wonders for the chest and neck; it builds collagen in the skin, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, and minimizes hyperpigmentation. It can be alternated with Fraxel Laser treatments.



Firming skin cream, Nectifrm : This cream for the neck, by Revision Skin Care, contains a whole host of ingredients such as antioxidants, ceramide, and vitamins C and E to improve the neck’s appearance.


Hydrafacial MD: These treatments infuse the neck and chest with ingredients that reduce fine lines and wrinkles and help with hyperpigmentation.