General Dermatology

“What is most difficult of all? It is what appears most simple: To see with your eyes what lies in front of your eyes.”Goethe
“If you want to know something very well…teach it!”
Dr. Fuad S. Farah

General medical dermatology is the field of medicine dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases. It rests on the physician’s ability to recognize basic and sequential lesions of the skin, patterns in which they occur in myriad diseases and syndromes. There are literally thousands upon thousands of skin diseases – some limited to the skin, others belying more systemic problems.

Drs. Farah all hold academic teaching positions at the SUNY Upstate Medical University. By teaching, they come to intimately know their profession and remain up-to-date in the latest developments. They are considered experts in the field and between them have 68 years of patient experience.

For information about specific skin diseases, please visit the links below: